Shar-J otherwise known as Suzette is a native of Oakville, Ontario, Canada began her artistic journey by accident really. She was part of a yearly charity Gala called The Chair Affair for Furniture Bank. She would re-upholster and paint a chair for the auction. This charity helps women from abusive relationships and the homeless get back on their feet. In 2018 they changed the format of the charity to only allow celebrity interior designers donate furniture pieces for auction. At first, she was annoyed by the format change. She still wanted to be part of the charity and decide to donate a piece of canvas art. What happened next was a surprise to her….. Her piece DARE TO BE DIFFERENT was an overwhelming success at the event.

This allowed her to rediscover the love for painting mixed media style with a splash of pop culture and street art. Her goal was to touch on different aspects of life that appeal to people of all ages, religions, and cultures.  She recognizes that every piece with be interpreted in different ways but are meant to provoke thought and/or a discussion. 

As an artist Shar-J looks forward to continue to evolve in her style and developing new skills. Shar-J’s art style might not be for everyone but her message and mission is clear. 

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